Isabela Pérez

Isabela Pérez is a fifth-year doctoral candidate pursuing a degree in social psychology under the guidance of Dr. Carolyn B. Murray. During the beginning of the graduate program, Isabela’s research involved examining educational and health disparities among Latinx and Indigenous communities. In the most recent years, Isabela’s research focus has broadened to understand the intersections between transnational migration, culture, and human rights from a decolonial perspective. Within the area of service, Isabela has been committed to numerous diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives both in the department and within the broader university. Currently, Isabela is the GSA Diversity and Inclusion Academic Liaison at UC Riverside, which entails advocating for and addressing graduate student concerns as they relate to discrimination, sexual violence, and sexual harassment. These collective experiences have only strengthened Isabela’s pursuit to improve existing social conditions of inequality and injustice.

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